Friday, May 2, 2008

Climate Predictions and a Lesson for Religion (Similarities of Science and Religion)

It seems everyday I read a different prediction in regard to the forecast for global warming or cooling. Some suggest warming (some warmer, some less warm), others suggest cooling (some cooler, others less cool), now I've even seeing a small period of warm with an overall period of cool, and the opposite I'm sure can be found.

While science is to be considered of significant value, I want to point out to those who constantly argue the point that because there are various "religous" viewpoints when it comes to truth, then religion itself is useless, none should be trusted, and and all should be rejected, ... that if you applied this same argument to science, then you'd be cutting off the very foot you try to stand on.

The truth is that there is truth, and though some may be wrong while another is right, that doesn't mean that no one is right and that none should be considered and evaluated.

Just as time will tell which of the climate forecasts are right (recognizing changes continue even as time continues), and just as one can even now look to and evaluate those methods of interpretation that are better than others, so it is with religion, and arguments that set Christianity apart from the rest.

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