Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Skeptical of Bloch's Argument (Religion is a Result of Man's Imagination)

In Religion a figment of human imagination, it's reported that Maurice Block of the London School of Economics argues that religion is the result of man's imagination (man being the only to "evolve" to the level of imagination).

It's interesting that Block's argument suggests only that man's imagination (and his belief in things that don't exist) must lead to religion. Why not assume the opposite, that there IS life after death and metaphysical realities... so that what is imagined is the opposite of true religion or that of unbelief. The point being that Bloch's argument appears to have begun with a presupposition (even a "popular" presupposition - "religion is simply a figment of man's imagination") and then looked for even the most far reaching and measley evidence to support it, rather than the other way around.

I can quickly give evidence to support the opposite ... that UNBELIEF IS A FIGMENT OF MAN'S IMAGINATION. Not too long ago there was a young boy who had come to understand there's a difference between right and wrong. One night when he was sitting at the dinner table and wanted to do what he knew to be wrong began to revert back to talking like he was about a year younger that what he was. It's interesting that in wanting to do wrong, he had to "imagine" or create a world in which one could do wrong and it would be okay ... he could even get away with it. When the parent called the boy on it, immediately the boy knew his bubble had been burst. The point is ... not only do adults do the very same thing, only we tend to be better at disguising and covering it up, but if one wants to look for evidence to refute Bloch's position (and show evidence supports the opposite) one does not have to look far.

Besides that, if you want to press Bloch's argument, especially when he states that humans are the only ones that imagine what does not really exist and believes in in, one would have to say that non-humans are more fit (on one level) than humans... hence evolution is does not lead to the survival of the fittest but the dominance of the unfit.

While Bloch states ""Once we realise this omnipresence of the imaginary in the everyday, nothing special is left to explain concerning religion," he says." How about the prophesies that have been fulfilled, the willingness of the eyewitnesses to lay down their lives, the sustenaning power behind the universe, the continuing and unstoppable growth of the church, the pointing of time, etc., the list could go on and on.

This is no more than atheist propaganda stretching in it's search (and imagination) to deny the truth and reject the one who lords over all and will hold man accountable, his having left man without excuse.

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