Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ramadan and Euro-Islam

“We start to run into problems when we construct new dividing lines, when we cease to see society as a whole,” says Ramadan to the worn-out-looking men and women sitting at large round tables. “Instead of perceiving Muslims as ‘the other’ or foreigners, try to see them as fellow Englishmen and women.”

The above quote is taken from The Theologians Working Towards a Euro-Islam. The advice is from Prof. Ramadan who is a "professor of Islamic studies in Geneva" but is speaking on a circuit to "boost the self-confidence of Europe's Muslins" and to try to get Europe's Christian elite to buy into his teaching that Islam is not a threat. The aim of his teaching is said to be "to reconcile Western values with the teachings of Islam."

Here's the issue: While on one level Ramadan is correct, that on a physical level, in Europe, Islamic citizens are "fellow Englishmen and women" with all other citizens, including Christian citizens. However, on another level, Christians should not be fooled into thinking the advances of Islam (even through fellow citizens) should be considered no threat. The apostle Paul writes in 2 Cor 5:16

"So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view."

Now, while this does not mean that Christians should not recognize worldly citizenship and/or distinctions, at the same time it does recognize the fact that Christians are not to view things (or even fellow citizens) simply from an earthly perspective, but are to exercise spiritual perspective and discernment in evaluating all things.

What threats can Muslims and/or a Euro-Islam cause? A lack of the freedoms now enjoyed by individuals, a change in values/law along with a change in the justice system and its related sentencing and punishments, a greater base for the spread of falsehood, greater enticement for those who are unconverted or weak in the faith, greater opportunity and probability of those who take up arms in the name of jihad, etc.

While it's true on one level, that freedom of religion is to be held in high esteem, at the same time, one should not desire or make it easy for false religions to spread, especially through "half-truths" like the one Ramadan is making, without being challenged.

It's time for Christians to wake up, and not take everything handed to us at "face value". The Scripture calls for us to exercise discernment and make wise judgments.

It's not without reason that the closing statements of the article include the following:

Others see him as an Islamist in disguise, a “wolf in sheep's clothing,” a master of deception...And, as a matter of fact, Ramadan has made a number of statements that don’t sound remotely ...tolerant.


  1. While not all Muslims would advocate this particular action (depending on their interpretation AND ZEAL for the Koran), you make a good point in that those who want to Islamicize Europe will not be content until it is a base for, is saturated, is filled with, and is governed by Islam, whose text states that those who are not adherents are to be considered infidels.

    Even the discussion of "Euro-Islam" is not good news and should be something that Christians not only take significant notice of, but work to prevent, through prayer and missions.

    However, we must always keep in mind, that if this occurs, it will do so only within the sovereign plan and providence of God, and will not stop his kingdom plans from coming about. In the end, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord!

  2. "While not all Muslims would advocate this particular action....."

    Good point Sword. Yet, those Muslims, who do not advocate Jihadist activities, are not courageous or in control enough to firmly oppose and confront Jihadists because they are afraid their heads will get chopped off as well.

    Therefore, until we see religious freedom encouraged and thrive in Muslim countries and jihadists brought to justice, I believe any western country would be wise to avoid any reconciliation with Islam in any shape form or fashion. IOW, as long as jihadists are at war with the world because of their Islamic religion, this religion should be considered a blight on the world. After all what fellowship has light with darkness.