Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ministering the Gospel in Our Generation

The dominant theme at the fair might best be described as survivalist: in piece after piece, designers explored how they can help us (and themselves) navigate the perils of contemporary life — in particular, the big problems of recession, environmental crisis and design’s neurosis about its role in a saturated consumer culture.

As the thoughts of men are often followed and represented in various spheres of life such as art, music, literature, etc., it's noteworthy to recognize specific places where man struggles in his fallen condition and where he experiences such things as hopelessness, hurt, lack of contentment-satisfaction, loneliness, fear, etc.; for these are the places where the lustre of the gospel can be brightly seen when offered and set against the backdrop of the lives of unbelievers.

Note the above quote, which was used to describe the dominant theme at the Milan Furniture Market, suggests that many today stuggle (/suffer) with a survivalist spirit due to issues related to the recession, environment and consumerism.

Here, the gospel has much to say and many answers... therefore, make it a point to speak to issues related to these areas knowing that God according to his grace is able to brings peace instead of panic, strength instead of turmoil, and confidence instead of dispair!

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