Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CS and Rev. Jeremiah Wright

While some may wonder if CS has anything to say about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright situation, thus far not much has been stated concering his beliefs in relation to Scripture, per se. While skepticism is certainly in order when it comes to the foundations of liberation theology, in order when it comes to whether and to what extent an attack on Jeremiah Wright is an attack on the "black church" (and whether this is a legitmate way - and on what levels - to think of the church, even though distinctions of this sort are common and sometimes useful), and in order when it comes to Rev. Wright's priorities (and the emphasis he is placing on issues pertaining to the state, even if for this time and these matters).

Perhaps good will come from this...even as some black pastors and leaders have come forward to speak in some venues in regard to the need for Christians to move beyond liberation theology and more widely and fully embrace the theology of the cross.

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