Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Consequences of Living Out Beliefs involving False Anthropology

Given their genes and the "trauma" of the couple's separation, Bernsdorff wrote, "it is in the best interest of society and follows natural law that the aberrations, Jennifer, the progeny, and myself included, be eliminated." He also targets Andrea Pisanello, writing that she is "an unethical and salacious human being" and should also be killed.

Disturbing words... more disturbing results! These words were left by a Florida man who killed his ex-wife and two children. See Article.

While not alot of details have been released, and while certainly there were probably a lot more factors, one cannot avoid noting that the murderer's chilling actions were related to his beliefs and appraisal of humanity along with his world view in general. Note his words and descriptions (in the article): "Given their genes", "follows natural law", "abberations", along with the fact that "a depraved and evil act" would from his perspective "leave the world a better place."

While one cannot accuse all evolutionists, or naturalists, etc., of thinking and acting the way this individual did, one also cannot deny that his worldview and anthropological beliefs not only affected but formed what he believed to be grounds for taking the actions he did. Certainly while one must recognize other factors were involved, this reminds us that beliefs and worldviews that fail to recognize the dignity of man can lead to terrible, even horrific results, particularly when and to the extent consistency with those beliefs are exercised.

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