Friday, January 11, 2008


I've read several articles today about mutualisms in nature. See In Battle of Elephants and Ants, Trees Win Big and In Life’s Web, Aiding Trees Can Kill Them.

One comment in the NPR article caught my attention. It states: "It's a co-evolutionary war," he says. "People used to think of mutualisms as friendly situations but it's really more of a battlefield."

From this perspective, relationships are either defined as "friendly situations" or a "battlefield" (two opposite extremes). My question to evolutionists (or co-evolutionists): Which is it?

Here again, the Scripture provides the answer that even ecologists are having difficulty defining... and that is that creatures simultaneously possess both an independence and dependence upon others.

It's not just about "survival of the fittest", or even co-survival of the co-fittest, but discovering and both working toward and looking toward the order and restoration of God's purpose and design.

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