Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"OLD BOOK" Argument... an OLD One!

Those who claim the Bible is dated and therefore irrelevant and of no value today often go unchallenged. Their assertion is that just because a text was written many years ago, it must therefore be outdated, of little to no use, and incapable of speaking to, addressing, or affecting things in the present.

1. Such arguments fail to recognize the ways and the power of the word and the truth.
2. Such arguments fail to acknowledge an inconsistency in that other documents of age are considered enduring and of present use and relevance.
3. Such arguments fail to recognize not only the common questions, issues, and struggles of humanity, but the timeless principles of God's Word which are found to be of great value when faithfully and appropriately applied.
4. Such arguments fail to recognize the continuing revealed power and effect of the gospel over time, geography, and opposition in regard to the advance of the kingdom and the souls of men.

1 comment:

  1. Right on. It's circular reasoning. They have merely assumed ahead of time that God does not exist, and therefore the Bible is just like any other book.