Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The "New Humanist Code" of President Hugo Chavez

In the CNN article "Chavez: 'We should be ashamed'", we find a perfect example of how humanism (or any system outside of Christianity) results in legalism, licentiousness, or both, and that's not all!


"The president has a long list of other "New Man" recommendations: Don't douse foods with too much hot sauce, exercise regularly, eat low-cholesterol foods, respect speed limits. He also wants parents to stop buying Barbie dolls -- and breast jobs -- for their daughters."

"On Monday, tax agency chief Jose Vielma Mora said the government is tightening restrictions on granting dollars to companies importing liquor, especially whisky."

"All of his sermonizing about vices and virtues might make Chavez seem like a prudish sourpuss to some..."

"As a former tank squadron leader, Chavez also enjoys getting behind the wheel of a Venezuelan-made Tiuna jeep, which he did in August...But he says he has no interest in Hummers or other material belongings.

HYPOCRISY in Chavez' Humanism

"I really don't drink. Occasionally I smoke a cigarette, but I'll never do it in public because it's a bad example...It's very sporadic...I did it..."

"Naturally, Venezuelans are watching Chavez to see what kind of an example he sets. The former paratroop commander says he steers clear of alcohol, and would never smoke in public."

"Anyone wanting to booze up can do so in the privacy of their own homes, he said."

JUDGMENTALISM in Chavez' Humanism

"Chavez ... complains that many Venezuelans' values are not up to par."

"It's all part of Chavez's efforts to encourage Venequelans to adopt the psyche of the 'New Man,' a socialist revolutionary with a monk-like purity of purpose."

"Chavez often cites the life of Cuba's iconic hero Ernesto "Che" Guevara as an ideal example..."

THINK ABOUT all this when you read Chavez' final statement: "Society would benefit from socialist values,..."

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  1. Sounds like, "We have no king but Caesar". Once God's law is rejected, it must be replaced by something.