Thursday, September 6, 2007

Faith and the Presidential Debates

While the current presidential debates in the U.S. reflect "some" diversity of thinking within the country regarding fundamental issues of the faith, it's also true that in some cases and on some issues presidental candidates are now speaking out stronger and more unashamedly on the side of faith than has been done in the past. As politician's remarks often give some indication of where the populace is, it's a good sign to see how forthrightly and unashamedly many candidates are standing not only on the side of faith, but on the side of "the faith." Perhaps a positive response to those taking such stands will result in greater courage and faithfulness across the board in areas where there appears more pressure to compromise.

Be encouraged, O church, for even the differences are resulting in the truth being proclaimed more definitively at some points at the highest levels of government and society, to the praise of God, who uses all things in bringing about the advancement of Christ's kingdom and the glory of his truth.

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  1. I would also add that the voting record speaks as much, or more, about a candidates faith than their profession of faith. I have seen too many candidates whose walk didn't match the talk.