Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church

In the recent years, I've heard alot here in the U.S. about "progressive Catholism" (primarily in discussions concerning the grounds and instrument of salvation, i.e., faith vs. faith&works, etc.)

For all those who think the Catholic church is so progressive, note the present declarations of Pope Benedict XVI concerning not only the government but the identity of the true church.

Nothing new here... but something worth noting. Seems some errors continue to be propagated and passed down.

Regarding the primacy of the Pope,...consider Scripture's own word:

Referring to Jesus Christ, Paul writes in Col 1:18 "And HE is the head of the body, the CHURCH;..." Again, in Eph 1:22 it is written "And God placed ALL things under his feet and appointed him to be HEAD over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way."

Note believers: the pope is stating that if we are not members of the church (the body of Christ), ...then Christ is not our head! Or, put another way, Catholics need to consider what body they belong to ... if the Pope (rather than Christ)is their head.

The problem is found in this, that in misunderstanding pn one level the "spiritual" nature (and government) of Christ's kingdom, the catholic church errantly looks to physical rather than spiritual lineage (according to the apostolic faith, rather than geneology) for the priesthood. Seems the lessons of the Reformation are still not understood.

Note as well the official view of the Catholic church is that Protestant churches are "but merely ecclesial communities" and therefore do not possess the "means of salvation." Interesting, that the Catholic church possesses the means of salvation, supposing it does not come through faith or on another level through prayer and the faithful preaching of God's Word. Are not the Scriptures "able to make one wise unto salvation?"

Thankfully, as the article points out, there are more levels of relationship between Protestants and the Catholic church than just the "official" ones; but this much is true, both Protestants and Catholics need to take note of what the pope is declaring.


  1. Sword, I saw this and thought about the time JP was visiting Turkey and went to pray in a mosque, while proclaiming that we all serve the same God. Is Benedict now saying that what JP said was wrong?

  2. Finally, a pope who understands the Reformation, perhaps...

    Of course, he's wrong in the Doctrine of Justification (and in many other areas). But he is right in that we have no need for ecumenicism. Now if only our Protestants can learn this. Church Division can be a lovely thing.