Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Will Faith or Politics Win the Day with Sharpton (Follow Up)

Oh My! Have you read what the
Salt Lake Tribune reported?

Did I sense this one coming or what? (See post below: Will Faith or Politics Win the Day with Sharpton?)

It's almost laughable to read "This visit was not about politics..."


  1. The question Rev. Al should have asked:

    All Christian denominations affirm that redeemed Christians are found throughout the hundreds of Christian denominations, does the Morman Church affirm this as well?

    That would have placed the ball squarely in their court and I don't believe their racket could have handled it.

  2. Extremely well put!

    Or just as good or even better would been to lay out the Christian gospel, and then asked does the Mormon Church affirm THIS as well?

    (But of course, such questions require one to know and distinguish the difference)