Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Do Secular Humanists See the Same News I Do?

Have you ever noticed the Newspapers and News Agencies are never lacking news
... the kind that points both to the sinful nature of man and a direction for the world (from an earthly perspective) that progressively seems to be working its way toward the exact type of trials, tribulation, and war the Scripture prophesies?

I was just wondering with all the hype from Secular Humanists about establishing a Utopia ...

...that is possible (and that can come about through reason and humanistic principles), when they read the news just what they're thinking and when they intend to act, for it's clear to me every day that if they intend to bring about such a utopia, they've got a significant work that needs to be done, and given both the development and proliferation of new weapon systems especially in consideration of the race and relationships between the peoples and powers who are developing them ... given the progression of history, the willingness of man to use firepower, and the increasing effectiveness and footprint of firepower) their time may just be running out...

Quite the opposite of what some might suspect that I'm trying to be a doomsday prophet, and while secular humanists may argue that the world is the way it is because of religion, does not even history and the news serve as a powerful reminder and motivator on a daily basis (and now even 24/7) of the foolishness of thinking and looking to man for the ultimate solutions to our personal and corporate problems and for providing those things we all desire most.

While gloom and dispair is not the ultimate motivation for looking to the Christian faith, it does serve as a legitimate motivation. Let all those who struggle, who find themselves discouraged, and even those without but seeking answers, consider and turn to the one place answers may be found, the Scripture, which prophesied well before our time, the very things we witness in our time, providing solutions even of salvation that extend beyond our time.

The fool says in his heart there is no God. (Will it not one day be able to be said, could you not look at what was before you EVERY day?)

Yet peace, security and comfort come to all those who accept by faith those things revealed by God in his word.

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