Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Skepticism concerning the rule and motives of other gods (with a lowercase "g")

Ever wondered WHY it is so hard for non-believers to convert to Christianity?
Ever wondered WHY non-believers struggle so much with Christianity and would prefer it to disappear or be destroyed?

The answer is that idols not only control but demand one's allegience.

I was reading a chapter last night from Alfred Poirier's book "The Peace Making Pastor" who I believe in addressing idolatrous desires in the lives of believers, also sheds light on the idolatry of unbelievers. He writes:

"Moreover, this concept of idolatry sheds even more light on the dynamics of our desires. Idols are counterfeit gods. As gods, they direct and rule over us. And we, in turn, worship, fear, serve, love, trust, and obey them. Like God, our idols promise and threaten us. If they get what they want, they promise us happiness. If they do not get what they want, they curse us and threaten death.

As counterfeit gods, idols are lawgivers. They command us. They shape our affections, direct our decisions, and motivate our behaviour. What we do, we do because we obey the command of our God."

While God also requires full allegience and service, the difference between worshiping Yahweh (the true God) and the various idols of unbelievers is this: Yahweh's rule is one that includes love and both self denial and sacrifice for his servants. (Isa 44; Mt 20:25-26; Col 3:5-8)

Consider this: while the "g"ods of unbelievers may not like it, the switch is not only worth it, but the best move that any can make!

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