Thursday, June 22, 2006

Logic Fallacies - Excellent resource!

One of the most exhaustive listings I have seen with good, pithy summaries.

"The interpretation of a Biblical text is only as good as the underlying logic that supports it. God made man in His image (tselem) and likeness (demut), and therefore made him with rationality and the ability to correctly reason about things.

The Lord Jesus the Messiah is described as the “Logos” or “logic” of God, and we are called to follow Him as His talmidim (students or disciples). You simply cannot properly begin to properly read the various texts of Scripture without first being grounded in the basics of clear thinking.

This section lists some common errors in thinking that afflict all of us since the fall of Adam in Gan Eden. By familiarizing yourself with these forms of reasoning you may guard yourself from making the same sorts of errors (as well as to catch errors in the thinking of others who purport to be speaking the truth). "

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