Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Twist but Same Desire (Colorado Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage)

In 2 Sue to Void Ban on Same-Sex Marriage, Mari Newman, a lawyer for a lesbian couple who filed a motion in Colorado claiming that Amendment 43, which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman, violated their constitutional right to equal protection", stated the following:

"Marriage is a fundamental right, which should be for all Coloradans, not just some Coloradans.”

One of the lesbians went on to say:

“We are planning on sticking with this until the law has changed,....When you see something unjust, you want to change it.”

Is it not correct that MARRIAGE (the union of one man and one woman) is available for ALL Coloradans (who qualify and desire marriage as defined)? If so, then there is nothing unjust about the ban (based on equal opportunity and marriage as defined).

The charge of something "unjust" comes by those who first want to "twist" or REDEFINE marriage (as something "in addtion to" or "other than" between one man and one woman) and then suggest their rights are being denied.

Those who have studied the Scripture understand that "twisting" the truth or presenting "half truths as the whole truth" is nothing new.

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  1. Swordbearer,
    You mean you don't believe in a living and breathing constitution. IOW, judges making law from the bench.........