Monday, December 10, 2007

Homosexual Activists, Agendas and Scientific Endeavors Just Don't Get It! ("Scientists Make Fruit Flies Gay, Then Straight Again")

In what will probably generate a good amount of buzz in the blogworld, scientists are reported to discovered how to make fruitflies gay and then straight again by altering or mutating one of their genes (which they have conveniently called GB - "gender blind"), though it's admitted "It is not known, however, to what extent human attraction is affected by pheromones."

Here's the point though: It's not just a question of whether humans (or homosexuals) behave according to their genes ... as if "natural" in a fallen world... makes something right. For example, as a human being, one does not need lengthy or expensive scientific research to show that humans given the right circumstances are tempted (or in come cases prone) to steal, curse, rape, commit adultery, even kill (along with all associated or lesser forms of these sins). Here's the question: will those who suggest that if it can be proven that homosexuality can be related to man's natural wiring ...that that makes it right; will they also in being consistent also be forced to conclude that those who "naturally" want to steal, kill and destroy must also be right and therefore accepted in both their thinking and behavior? (Experience tells me they would be inconsistent claiming the one while denying or trying to distance themselves from the other.)

You see, the point ultimately comes down to the same old question: Is this just a "natural" world (apart from God) wherein all things including ethics, morality, behavior, acceptance, etc. is left to man, or is this a fallen world (both physically and morally, wherein humans possessing a different capacity and responsibility when it comes to our behavior not only possess the ability but have the responsibility and obligation to subject our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors to the moral standard required by God regardless of what we feel (or how we are wired), because it is right regardless of our inclinations or propensities?

While it may even surprise some believers if a particular gene is associated with particular behaviors (note - while I don't know if it's true or not, I do see many other areas where the fall has affected man physically, particularly in certain individuals in certain areas), such finding would NOT negate the consistent teaching of God's Word that regardless of our fallen condition and imperfections, it doesn't change either the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, or the obligation we have to meet God's righteous requirements and to repent and turn from our sinful, errant, and fallen ways(Inability does not negate Responsibility!).... NOR would such findings negate God's truth that homosexuality is sinful, unnatural (in the sense of opposed to God's good and righteous design, creation, and requirements of man... as set forth and illustrated in the perfection of the garden of Eden) and that participation in homosexuality (of any form) merits the just condemnation and wrath of God.

Homosexual Activists, Agendas, and Scientific Quests just do NOT get it! Even if science is found to be on their side on this particular issue (whether genes play a part or not); that doesn't mean homosexuality is right or to be approved of and accepted as moral thought and behavior. I do not foresee them being able to distinguish this "urge" or "desire" or "feeling" from others who possess the "urge" to steal, kill, or destroy anytime soon.

Smoking Bullet. I think not! Regardless of the findings, these findings will not take advocates beyond the basic issues of faith and unbelief, a theistic worldview vs. an a-theistic worldview, etc., ... and ultimately like with other issues, those positions and views in opposition to God will never prove consistent, satisfying, or able to provide answers to the deeper questions.

The fruitflies will only lead one step deeper into the sticky mess between truth and untruth, a mess from which only the gospel of Jesus Christ enables one to rise above.

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