Monday, November 22, 2021

Is simple faith alone enough?

 Understanding the doctrine of salvation by faith alone is a key component to a healthy Christian life. But where do good works fit into the order of salvation?

Salvific faith (vs simple faith, James 2:19) in Christ alone saves but it is always accompanied by good works as a sign of justification (e.g., Jas 2:24, Matt 15:18-20, Gal 6:4). 

The God-given gift of faith is the seal of salvation and preeminent over works (e.g., Eph 2:8-10, Mat 7:21-23).

Here is a podcast I did on the subject on The Everyday Theologian

@oddxian It takes more than simple belief to be saved #oddxian #theeverydaytheologian #salvation #solideogloria ♬ original sound - oddXian

Here is a good follow up article.

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