Monday, August 9, 2021

Why I am vaccinated and, as a Biblical Christian, you should be, too

To preface, I am a very conservative Biblical Christian. That is, everything I do or think is guided by the Bible as my authoritative source of truth in all matters of faith and practice. This would include my position on the COVID vaccine. I am fully aware of all the objections folks are using to keep from taking the vaccine and I am going to try and give you my perspective on why, despite those objections, you should consider it your Christian duty to get vaccinated. 

First, I highly encourage you to read this article by the Rev. Al Mohler. It is a well-reasoned argument from a man I highly respect. You owe yourself a read through. In it, he explains the history of the COVID vaccine and its relationship to the use of aborted tissue. Bottom line – the vaccine itself did not use material from abortion. 

Now, given his arguments, I would emphasize a particular one. Biblically, we are inarguably commanded to love our neighbor. This is the 2nd greatest commandment according to Christ. If that is the case, is it more loving to reject a very well documented successful vaccine or is it more loving to take the vaccine? Even if you have a moral objection to the vaccine, you still have a greater moral obligation to love and protect your neighbor. This is exactly the benefit of the vaccine. Even if you don’t want to protect yourself, the vaccine greatly reduces the likelihood that you will become infected and infect others. 

Obviously, there are no guarantees in this life. If the Lord, in His sovereignty, decides someone will be infected, then they will be, but we should do everything we can to prevent the spread. Consider your neighbor and go get vaccinated. 

Soli Deo gloria!

For more on double effect, see my next post

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