Saturday, October 17, 2009

Evangelism among "Christians"

On a flight out of Charlotte yesterday, I was seated beside a young lady in the military who told me she as a Christian, went to church and sang in a gospel choir. When asked if she were to die in combat and God were to say "Why should I let you into heaven?", she took a deep breath as if to think and say something important and then responded "I would say because I've tried hard to do all I can to work hard and do what I think I'm supposed to do while I'm here on earth."

It's obvious there are many who call themselves Christians or associate with the Christian church who need to be evangelized!

If you're wondering what she said wrong, answer these questions:
1. In John 3:16, is man saved through the instrument of his own works or through faith in Christ?
2. In Ephesians 2:8-9, is man saved by his own works or by God's grace?
3. In Romans 6:23, is eternal life something we merit by our own works or does it come as a "gift" from God?
4. In Romans 3:21ff, does the righteousness God refers to come from our works or from from above?


  1. Unfortunately, a focus on Jesus Christ and His New Covenant fulfillment of redemption for all that are in Christ by faith seems to be lacking in today's churches. I am thankful and blessed that my introduction to Christianity came from a church that understands how redemption is accomplished and applied.

  2. Ray: Yes... I spent about 15 minutes explaining the gospel to her and seeking to persuade her with it.

    While I still don't think she gets it, a seed has been planted and perhaps the next time she struggles with righteousness on her own she'll remember there's a righteousness that comes from above that may be possessed through faith and union with Christ!