Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Homosexual's Advocate's Attack on Leviticus ( Tony Blair Rejects Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality)

Seems the latest attack by gay and homosexual advocates is an attempt to isolate verse in the book of Leviticus and suggest they are outdated.

Here are two examples:
Bishop: Religion hampers gay civil rights
Justifying anti-homosexuality laws with presumed moral authority from the Bible's Book of Leviticus -- which says a man "shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination" punishable by death -- ignores that life has changed since 400 B.C., Robinson said.

Blair Rejects Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality
"When people quote the passages in Leviticus condemning homosexuality, I say to them – if you read the whole of the Old Testament and took everything that was there in a literal way, as being what God and religion is about, you'd have some pretty tough policies across the whole of the piece."

This is nothing but weak attempts by poor exegetes of Scripture who try to mold or discount Scripture to fit their beliefs, rather than submitting their beliefs to the authoritative Word of God.

Here are fallacies these spokesmen commit:

1. The fallacy that suggests that because all the laws found in Leviticus don't apply today that everything in Leviticus can be discounted.
2. The fallacy that because the these verses are in the Old Testament or that they were written years ago that they no longer apply today.
3. The fallacy that the verses in Leviticus stand alone as if there is not supportive and continuing testimony as to the continuing and abiding active and applicatory nature of those principles found (1) in the remainder of Scripture, and (2) at later time frames.
4. The fallacy that eternal and biblical truths become outdated with time.
5. The fallacy that the Bible is to be read in light of human culture rather than human culture being read in light of the Bible.

In addition, Blair in particular commits the fallacy that even it if could be shown that many in Catholic congregations did not believe the way the church does that this would make their positions right when it comes to the matters related to homosexuality.

Summary: These types of arguments should not be left unchallenged! Additionally, it proves once again that expertise in one area of life does not make one an expert in another (although many in the world today believe it does!)

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  1. I guess these people have never read Romans 1. The passage that Obama called, "an obscure passage in Romans" when he claimed folks hadn't read their Bible. Unbelievable!

  2. They may have read it but they deny it. For by finding a passage in Leviticus (where you also find matters related to the civil and ceremonial law which applied particularly to the context of the nation state of Israel, but which these advocates fail to distinguish, and therefore err) they intend (according to their poor exegesis of Scripture) to suggest the teaching on homosexuality is outdated (and support their argument by combining it with that which is outdated) in their greater attempt to suppress the authority of God and his Word upon their lives that they may live as they choose!

    It's nothing new for man to seek to throw of the fetters and make himself the law and lawgiver, the only thing thing new here is their uneducated and foolish effort in attempting to render the Bible irrelevant by pointing to something old.