Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bill O'Reilly on Morals

Last night, in response to someone who asked O'Reilly why he did not speak against the "gay" issue on his segment entitled "Gay Idol?", O'Reilly responded by saying "when it comes to morals, that's not his business, he leaves that to parents and preachers..."

That's one of the problems today and one of the reasons why the homosexual movement is advancing ... people who oppose it are not willing to stand up and speak against it, rather they try to shift responsibility to others. While it's true that parents and pastors have a responsibility, so do all people (and especially those in places of influence) when it comes to opposing evil. On many issues O'Reilly is a "stand up" guy, but on this one, he laid down.

Who is he kidding? If he couldn't talk about issues of morality, why does he talk about killing, adultery, greed, respect for authority, etc., the very things he speaks of every night!

The point is simple to single out this comment in order to remind everyone both of the responsibility we all have (not just parents and pastors) when it comes to issues of morality and the important role common grace plays even through the influence of others and their speech in our lives.

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